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        Guess what came in! One Story a Day for Beginners - now in French
        Bonne lecture! ??

        Super Hammy's New Adventures Now Available!

        Just arrived! Our popular One Story a Day for Beginners - now in French.

        New! Our Farm in the City is available now. Get your copy today.

        When you think of city life, the images that come to mind are often of buses, skyscrapers, and plenty of stores. But in the heart of Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, we’re lucky enough to have a farm....

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        Super Hammy's New Adventures Now Available!

        Super Hammy's New Adventures is the second part of Super Hammy Reading Series. It's a collection of 15 books about Super Hammy's latest escapades with his friends. These F&P levelled books are ideal for individual reading, guided reading, and early literacy intervention programs.

        Best Reading! Phonics Long Vowels Now Available!

        Best Reading! Phonics of Long Vowels by Cathy Jackson is a reading program comprising of fun short stories, instructional guides, and educational activities that develop children’s reading abilities, word recognition, and vocabulary.

        Now Available! Better Behaviour

        Better Behaviour is the perfect mixture of clever rhymes, colourful illustrations, and guide to improve children’s behaviour. These picture books inspire social skills, self-regulation, and empathy, and focus on important health / safety topics. P.J. Wright’s new series teaches kids to replace unhealthy habits with, well, better behaviour! This quirky self-help series is bound to get your little ones acting and feeling great.

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        This book is truly a work of art. It features a bunch of wonderful poems about kids having recess and life in the Arctic. From making igloos to the Northern lights to sled dogs it depicts many of the unique elements that make the North so very special. Also look at these illustrations ?? I really enjoyed this and highly recommend!

        The books increase in difficulty at a steady pace so students are not overwhelmed with words and catch themselves reading (to their absolute delight). For the last four years, I have been using this reading program for all my beginning readers. It’s been the one program that has consistently helped the majority of my students.

        As a librarian, I haven’t often come across books that teach financial literacy to kids, so when I read Three Little Piggy Banks, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Financial literacy can seem intimidating, even for adults who have been paying bills and other expenses for years and years. It seems almost impossible to unpack such a mature subject for the youngest of children, but author Pamela George deftly simplifies the subject for young children. The book provides a very basic understanding of money: saving it, sharing it, and spending it.



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